As a CLIENT - Do I have to be Caymanian or reside in the Cayman Islands to post work?

NO, you don’t have to be Caymanian or reside in the Cayman Islands to post work. We welcome any work from any Country or Nation that will allow for any freelancers to complete the task. Should the work not be something that can be completed by electronic means but rather is physical work such as landscaping or plumbing, then only if arrangements can be made between you and the freelancer should you engage in these types of situations.

Do I have to be Caymanian to sign up for a Freelancer account?

We do not discriminate against any nationality in joining our site. However, in order to meet the compliance and requirements of the Cayman Islands’ Laws and the purpose and intent for which this site has been created, then yes you have to be Caymanian, a permanent resident with rights to work, or have the rights to work under work permit conditions in order to perform local work that is posted on our site.

Can I join only as a Freelancer or only as a Client?

Our site is designed so that you can create one account and be a dual role member having the ability to post work (as a Client) and apply for jobs (as a Freelancer). We have made special enhancements to the site by using visual color schemes so that you know where you are at all times. If your color scheme is Dark Blue, then you are in the “Freelancer” mode ready to seek out jobs / find work. If your color scheme is Turquoise, then you are in the “Client” mode ready to post work / jobs.

I have a business of my own, can I become a member?

Absolutely! We encourage small businesses to join as you are a critical part of Cayman’s work force and there are a number of benefits that you would receive from joining.

  • Your skills and abilities are displayed for everyone to see. Potential clients know exactly what they will be getting in return for their hard earned $$
  • Spend less time looking for jobs to keep your business afloat. With our email notifications you get periodic updates of when jobs that match your business needs are posted and you decide how often you want to receive them.
  • Take advantage of our full program. With your account you get time sheet management, bid management, invoicing, private messages, manage all of your work –ongoing jobs, completed jobs, etc…
  • Take advantage of using your company logo every time you post a job, this is your way of getting a small bit of free advertising.

What is it going to cost me?

Our site is 100% FREE to use and there are no membership fees, sign up fees, or commission fees. Freelancers get to keep every single $ dollar that they earn. Clients pay only for the service that they receive directly to the freelancer as per their agreement.

Is this only available in Grand Cayman?

Absolutely Not! We encourage everyone from the Brac and Little Cayman to take advantage of this opportunity.

Do you have full time jobs posted or can I post full time jobs?

At this time we are focused on casual work, small to medium sized projects, or tasks. We are exploring the possibilities of posting full time jobs and will keep you updated.

I have a Job already, can i still join as a freelancer?

Of course you can. We all could use a little extra income.

Freelancers are usually people that do not get the chance to use their talents and special skills everyday.